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We understand that as people journey in this world, they are bound to meet hurdles, problems, and challenges on the way. However, sometimes, these can get overwhelming and leave us feeling lost or helpless. This is why we exist, so we can guide you to find healthy coping mechanisms and provide Life Counseling in Leonardtown, maryland. We can also expose you to support groups who are experiencing similar battles so you can get the help that you need and be able to help others as well.

We can help you live a better life through the following:

Modupe O Adenekan
PMHNP, Clinical Manager

1. Crisis intervention

Our Crisis services provides response to those clients experiencing a crisis due to mental and emotional disturbances. Our team of behavioral health professionals are available 24/7 to safely stabilize the person at home, work, school or wherever in the community the crisis occurs. Crisis services are aimed at the assessment and stabilization of symptoms related to mental illness, emotional distress, alcoholism, drug abuse, or in response to domestic violence and abuse/neglect.

2. Psychiatric Evaluation and Medication Management

At MEM Sceptre behavioral, Psychiatric evaluation and medication management Services are aimed at determining the use of medications to assist in managing mental illnesses in addition to therapeutic modalities, and monitoring the effectiveness of the medication over the course of treatment.

3. Outpatient Treatment for Children, Adolescents, and Adults

Our Outpatient treatment provides an array of substance abuse treatment and behavioral healthcare services for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. Our services are community based and individualized for the best interest of our clients. • Mental Health Assessment • Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment • Individual Behavioral Counseling • Situational Stressors • Family Relations • Interpersonal Relationships • Mental Health Issues • Life Span Issues • Psychiatric Illnesses • Substance Use Disorders • Other Addictive Disorders

4. Counseling

Counseling is a two-way street. We can do our best to help you but you also need to have the willingness to help yourself. We start our service by letting you undergo an assessment. This way, we would know your needs and we’ll be able to formulate a counseling plan that would fit them. With this service, we can help individuals who are battling the following issues: Trauma Abuse Anxiety Depression Alcoholism Drug Addiction And more If you are someone who finds certain issues and challenges in your life overwhelming or are feeling hopeless, please do not hesitate to ask the help of our counselors and therapists. They are experts at what they do and their main goal is to help you. They can give you compassionate support without prejudice to give you the help you deserve.

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