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Asking professional help is a step closer to wellness.

We understand that as people journey in this world, they are bound to meet hurdles, problems, and challenges on the way. However, sometimes, these can get overwhelming and leave us feeling lost or helpless. This is why we exist, so we can guide you to find healthy coping mechanisms and provide Life Counseling in Leonardtown, maryland. We can also expose you to support groups who are experiencing similar battles so you can get the help that you need and be able to help others as well.

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"The strongest people are those who win battles
we know nothing about."

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We believe in the positive effects of compassion and understanding in helping our clients.

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We are committed to working with our clients to help them find psychological, emotional, and social wellness. This is made possible by using a holistic approach in formulating treatment plans and following through them as their session progresses. We also consult their opinions on their goals and enable them to actively participate in all treatment and counseling sessions.

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MEM Scepter Home and Behavioral Healthcare Clinic

A lot of people experience lifestyle changes that may get too overwhelming emotionally and psychologically. Let us be there for you as you deal with them so you can learn healthy coping strategies and receive guidance in your relationships and in interacting with other people. We offer Life Counseling and formulate your treatment plan based on our evaluation of your needs.

We also focus our assistance on taking a step-by-step approach in helping you live a better and healthier life.

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Monday – Friday
09:00 AM – 06:00 PM

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